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The investor’s case against Airbus
What is this case about?
Compensation for shareholders who incurred losses due to Airbus’ bribery practices and wrongful conduct.
Airbus materially misrepresented and omitted to report key facts in relation to its bribery activities. These activities were aimed at obtaining business advantages and wining orders on hundreds of aircrafts. The bribery schemes required the involvement of large numbers of third parties or consultants. The bribes were paid to government officials and airline executives around the world. Each time part of these issues became public, Airbus’ share dropped significantly.
On 31 January 2020, Airbus SE (“Airbus”) and the French, U.S. and UK white-collar crime prosecutors announced that Airbus had reached settlements in order to avoid prosecution in relation to bribery and corruption. Airbus was involved in bribery practices via its employees, executives, and “business partners”, “consultants” or “intermediaries”. These individuals formed the link between Airbus and decision makers among Airbus’s potential customers. Airbus paid an amount of EUR 3.6 billion to the three authorities. Together, the settlements represent one of the largest settlements ever reached following charges of bribery and corruption.
For investors, this means that Airbus failed to comply with its legal disclosure obligations regarding its involvement in (i) the bribery practices, (ii) the institutionalisation of bribery in its operations and (iii) the significant risk that Airbus faced as a result. This risk consisted of serious reputational and financial consequences, criminal investigations, and prosecution, including the imposition of fines, profit disgorgement and other claims. Since Airbus concealed those risks for a long time, the price of its shares was inflated. The Airbus share prices were higher than they would have been had the market been properly informed.
The Stock
Airbus SE
Relevant Period
2014 2020
NL0000235190 / 938914
France, Germany, Spain
€ 17,59
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Our claim
“Airbus and its responsible directors and auditors should also compensate non-USA shareholders”
Airbus failed to disclose its involvement in bribery practices to all their investors. Airbus paid €3.6 billion in fines to avoid further prosecution and compensated only its USA shareholders for their incurred losses as a result of this wrongful conduct.

Stichting Investor Loss Compensation
2014 - 2020
Wrongful conduct Airbus
Airbus was involved in bribery practices in its aviation business and failed to comply with its legal disclosure obligations.
Airbus pays €3.6 billion fine
Airbus SE and the French, U.S. and U.K. white-collar crime prosecutors reached settlements in order to avoid prosecution in relation to the wrongful conduct.
Shareholder compensation (USA)
Airbus settles a class action lawsuit regarding its wrongful conduct, involving all eligible shareholders who bought Airbus shares through the New York Stock Exchange.
Shareholder compensation (Worldwide)
Airbus and its responsible executives and auditors also needs to compensate their shareholders who bought Airbus shares through non-US stock exchanges, such as European stock exchanges in France, Germany and Spain.
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Purchased and/or held Airbus shares between 2014 and 2020?
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